About Us

The Community House is a project of Buninyong & District Financial Services Ltd and as such have made a $700,000+ investment in this facility for the people of Buninyong.  It’s now a place for local organisations to meet, collaborate and connect while making a contribution to our community. 

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House History

The house at 407 Warrenheip Street has been a streetscape icon since the early 1900’s.  Originally home to renown local baker and delivery man Mr Hedrick Jones or Paddy as he was commonly known.  He and his family called this place home from 1920 until the 1960s.  You can see the house depicted in the 1900’s image in the Meeting Room.


The house underwent extensive renovations in 2020 when it was rebuilt and extended to create the current Community House we see today.  To maintain the historically significant façade, every brick facing Warrenheip Street was carefully and painstakingly removed by hand, numbered, cleaned and then re-mortared exactly as was to achieve current building regulations while preserving the historical aspects of the building.  The Ballarat branch of the National Trust of Victoria has acknowledged this work.


Some of the original floor boards were given new life and made into the lectern in the Conference Room by Ron Delaland (Community Bank Director and former ol’ chippie).


As the next phase of history begins, our Community House at 407 Warrenheip Street is now a place for people to come together, to collaborate, connect and create wonderful things for the future of our local area.  This is something we are proud of.  #nextgenbuninyong.

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Rich History

The house at 407 can be seen in this early 1900’s image of Warrenheip Street.  The image is proudly displayed in the Meeting Room.


The Original House

The front façade prior to extensive renovations undertaken during 2020. If we’ve done things right, the brickwork should look exactly the same today.

Historical Significance

The building’s façade was considered to be of historical significance.  It was important to all stakeholders it be preserved.

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Painstaking Process

Each and every original brick was removed by hand, cleaned, numbered and laid flat in the identical pattern.

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Attention to Detail

Full kudos to the bricklayers who numbered and accounted for each brick to ensure it could be returned to its rightful place. 


The Rebuild

Each brick was re-mortared in the exact formation of the original façade, however with mortar that meets current building regulations to last the next 100 years.

Frame Completion

The rest of the building took on a new contemporary design to accommodate for-purpose use, energy efficiency and practicality. 


Getting There

There’s nothing quite like the scent of fresh plaster and paint to know you’re well over the halfway mark. 

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Construction Almost Done

The rear of the building was nearing completion when it appeared we’d added the facility of an inground swimming pool.

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The Garden Gates

In a statement piece, custom garden gates were beautifully made for the space.  The level of detail is to be admired.

Connect  .  Collaborate  .  Create

The Garden

The outdoor space was just as important in the overall design as the rest of the building.  A private courtyard for all to enjoy.


The Finishing


And there you have it… by the end of 2020, a magnificent asset for the Buninyong community and for generations to come.