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Using the Touchscreen Smartboard

These are basic user instructions. 

1.        Turn on power 

2.        Select either:

~    Whiteboard (and use as such) or

~    Wireless projection (with personal device such as laptop)


3.        For wireless projection:

~    Ensure your device is connected to the wi-fi network (Password bendigo407)

~    Install the ‘InstaShare 2’ App on your device by visiting the Benq website or

~    Find the download suitable for your device with this link.

~    Alternatively, go to 'business' > 'support' > 'downloads'.

~    Search 'Instashare 2' or Interactive Displays > Model RM7502K 75.

~    Select the download suited to your device (Windows or Mac) and install as standard.

~    If you are having trouble, this short video may help.


4.        Launch Instashare from your desktop. The icon will show as a Benq/ Instashare 2 icon. 

~    A pop up screen will appear.

~    Connect your device with InstaShare-6335

~    The pairing code is V5G0RL (note that is a zero).

~    Your device should pair with the screen (no password required) and allow use (cast or mirror).


5.        Turn power off when finished.

For more detail, refer to the User Manual on-site or see the links below.

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